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I started this blog because I've been sick the past few years and don't have much energy for anything. My hope is that this will cheer me up a bit but I'm not expecting a miracle. I've been a gamer since 1991 and I've been thinking about doing a gaming blog for a long time. Gaming is my only real hobby, and I've been wracking my brain lately trying to figure out a definitive list of my favorite games of all time.

Instead of just doing one list though, I'm gonna do a bunch of them. The main feature of this blog is my top 5 games of each year from 1991 to 2011 and maybe 2012 and beyond if I keep writing for that long. I've been making up features as I go along, but here is a list of the ones I've done so far:

1. My top 5 games of each year is of course my main feature. Each game in the countdown gets its own article and the length varies from game to game but it's all dependent on how much I have to say about each one.

2.Game Music Appreciation is the second feature that I came up with. Video game music is my favorite genre of music, hands down. My iPod has about 450 video game songs on it right now and maybe 10 songs that aren't from games. Anyway, in Game Music Appreciation, I look at a song from a game that I won't talk about otherwise. Whenever I write a top 5 article, I put a song or 2 from the game at the end, so Game Music Appreciation is just a showcase of game songs that I won't use anywhere else.

3. Top 5 Game Songs is my other game music focused feature. I think of a category like top 5 battle themes or top 5 first level songs and list my favorite game songs in the given category.

4. Bad Games That I Love is a feature that I really should do more of. The first one that I did still cracks me up and yes I know it's tacky to laugh at yourself like that but I think it's really well written. Anyhow, by bad games, I mean games that have mostly negative reviews and/or games that the community just hates for the most part.

5. Good Games That I Hate is the opposite end of the spectrum featuring mostly games that the community loves more than games that have positive reviews, but both are a factor.

I occasionally do special articles but I've mostly stuck to those 5 types so far. I really hope you enjoy what you read here and if you do, tell your friends and family if you think they may enjoy it too. Thanks for reading!

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