Jamestown and Breath of Death VII Extended Editions

Here's a couple more extended editions I whipped up. Both are from fantastic, criminally under appreciated indie games with incredible music, though I recall Breath of Death VII and its spiritual successor Cthulhu Saves the World got a bit of buzz on a few gaming sites. You can buy Jamestown here and here, among other places. Breath of Death VII you can buy here bundled with Cthulhu Saves the World for $3! BoDVII and CStW are also on Xbox Live for 80 MS points each I believe. Anyway, here's my extended versions of Prisoner of the Badlands from Jamestown and the battle theme from Breath of Death VII:
As always, I didn't compose, nor do I own the copyrights to either of these songs so if any of the copyright holders of these games or their music want me to remove these videos, just ask.

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