Credit for Sprites Used on this Blog

It occurred to me while I was wasting my time making that goofy background yesterday (you may notice a theme) that I should probably thank the people who ripped the sprites I used...for the background and the header image I've had up for months... If it's any consolation, I listed all the sites that I got sprites from at the bottom of the page from the very beginning, but allow me to thank the individuals who worked hard so I could make a couple of dumb sprite collages.

First off I have to apologize because I have a few duplicate sprites sheets that are of the same character but ripped by different people, and I can't remember which one I used in a few cases so I'll just list both of the sprite rippers. List is in alphabetical order, by the way.

A.J. Nitro,  ant19831983,  Bacon,  Badbatman3,  Barubary,  Baselz,  Bonzai,  Bruce Juice,  Chaofanatic,  Colton,  CrimsonPenguin,  Croix,  Cyrus Annihilator,  Dan Mt.,  DarkZero,  Dazz,  Drshnaps,  Explosion Makes BOOM!!!,  Fatty McGee,  Frario,  Fret,  Grim,  Gussprint,  Harsh9,  Kazuki,  Lemon,  megarockexe (Ripped seemingly every character sprite from Ace Attorney Investigations. Impressive sir or madam.),  Mr. C,  Nai255,  Name_Changer,  Nick Shuler,  NX-Kun,  OmegaSonic0 (Who says to also credit Bryan Lee O'Malley and Paul Robertson for the Knives Chau sprite.),  Polar Koala,  Ragey,  Random Talking Bush,  Rogultgot,  Ryan914,  Sandrock,  Shoda (Ripped the most important part of my header image, Damon Gant!),  SmithyGCN,  Tomato,  Tommy Lee,  Tonberry2k,  Ultimecia,  Unknown (Yep, that's a username.),  Vyck St. Judas,  Yawackhary, and ^__^ (Evidently, that is also a username.)

Special thanks to Locke_gb7of (used a lot of his sprites), for their awesome fighting game sprite packs, and for their Guilty Gear sprite rips. Other sites that I downloaded sprite rips from include The Spriters Resource, Sprite Database, Game Sprite Archive, The Shyguy Kingdom, and Scrollboss. Additionally, I used a couple of fonts from; one by Zen Kaipu and the other by Solid Snake's Game Shrine. I'm really sorry if I forgot anyone else.

Again, I must apologize for not giving credit for the sprites that I used before and I also want to reiterate what is written on the bottom of my blog page:

This blog would not be possible without the constant contributions of the gaming community. I could never fully express my gratitude and respect for everything you guys do. You guys rock!

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