My new passion: Extended Editions

There's a type of video on YouTube known as an extended edition, which is pretty much what it sounds like. You take a song and extend it to 10 or so minutes (the longest I've seen is a 10 hour long version of Nyan Cat. Wow.) I've made 2 so far: The Fury from Metal Gear Solid 3, which is my favorite song in the entire Metal Gear series, and the boss theme from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, which is the most badass boss music ever. I'll surely do more, though I'll put an immediate stop to it if any of the copyright holders want me to. I'd rather keep my Google account than fight to keep up copyrighted materials that I don't own. And let me make that abundantly clear: I don't own the copyrights to either of these songs. Konami and Square Enix: if you ever read this, just ask and I'll take them down immediately. Anyway, here they are:
By the way, you can pretty much consider this a Game Music Appreciation of the Final Fantasy Mystic Quest boss theme. I'm probably never gonna write about that game again.

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