HOLY CRAP!!! Diablo III beta!

 Now THIS is the last damn thing I expected. I actually got into the Diablo III beta! There isn't an NDA in place so I'll definately be doing posts about this in the near future. Diablo and Diablo II are two of my favorite games ever. Hell, I've enjoyed pretty much every game Blizzard has developed. If you read my honorable mentions of 2011 article, you'll know that I was a pretty big World of Warcraft fiend until about mid last year. Anyway, the D3 beta is downloading as I type this so hopefully I'll be able to do some actual garmes jarnulizm soon.

I owe a big thanks to GamesRadar who is currently running the contest I won the beta key from. They're giving away 50 keys every day so you still have a chance to enter too! And of course, thank you Blizzard for the opportunity to test out my most anticipated game of the year!

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