More evidence of Silent Hill HD Collection's awfulness: Even the original games' art director thinks it looks bad!

Credit for this must got to Destructoid reviews editor Jim Sterling. Thanks for always sticking up for the fans, Jim!

Freeman34 on YouTube AKA @Levit0 on Twitter posted a great video and link dump detailing some of the problems in Silent Hill HD Collection:
Go to the video's page and like/favorite it so more people can know about this. Konami needs to know that gamers have higher standards than to accept crappy ports of two of the best games ever made.

The best part of this is that he asked Masahiro Ito, art director of the first 3 Silent Hill games, what he thought about a few comparison shots and here was his reaction (images also courtesy of @Levit0):
Here's the screens he linked Ito (click for full size):

I try to keep the nerd rage and fanboyism at a minimum on this blog but when it comes to my second favorite game of all time, or any game in my top 10 really, I just can't help but get outraged when a substandard port is released.

I promise that this is the last story I'll post bitching about Silent Hill HD Collection. Unless something really crazy comes up...

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