Game Music Appreciation: Final Fantasy V - Clash on the Big Bridge

In game music appreciation, I take a look at a song from a game that I probably wont be writing about in any other fashion. I always feature one or two of my favorite songs from each game in my top 5 articles, but not every game gets an article. To put it bluntly: this is where I put good songs from games that I either dislike or am apathetic about.

Final Fantasy V was actually the third Final Fantasy game that I beat and God damn did I hate the game by the end. And this is coming from someone who enjoyed Final Fantasy VIII. Yeah. I hated FFV that much. I may have to do a Good Games that I Hate article on this one some time actually. One thing that I didn't hate however, was the music; particularly the song I'm featuring in this article: Clash on the Big Bridge. This is the theme of recurring boss Gilgamesh who, unlike in most Final Fantasies, is kind of a joke character in FFV. His theme is freaking incredible though. It's arguably the best battle theme in the whole series in fact. I'm featuring two versions here. The first is the original version from the game itself, composed by Nobuo Uematsu of course. The second is one of the most amazing violin players I've ever seen doing his version of the song. He goes by the nickname TAM and no, I'm not taking credit for discovering this video. Destructoid featured it a while back. Anyway, here you go, the first video is courtesy of the great PeyserConley, who has uploaded just about every game soundtrack ever, and the second is courtesy of TAM's YouTube channel, violinpiano2:

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